Can Your Customers Find You?

Eighty Percent of Consumers today say that they make most of their purchasing decisions online before they ever set foot into a store. Don't lose out on customers because you haven't started marketing on the web. Be the Shooting Star that stands out among a universe of competitors.


Announce Your Web Presence

If you're not on the Web, you don't exist to your potential customers. Let them know who you are. What you do. Where you are. And how to contact you. You do not want a customer, sitting in your parking lot, to ask their phone a question like "Find me the closest diner" only to retrieve an answer showing a competitor, and NOT YOU.

Build Your Website



We look forward to hearing your ideas about what you want on your Website. We will discuss how to use the internet and mobile technology to display your message to your customers and prospects.

We listen to you to explore what message you want to convey and what audience you want to reach as potential customers.

It is great to include inviting pictures of your products, pictures of your team, and pictures of your customers. Perhaps you have a color or theme that you want to use in your online presence? And of course we want to include and display your business Logo to promote your brand and identity. If you do not have a Logo, we can help you develop an appealing Logo that conveys the message you want.



Many businesses simply need to broadcast their name, location, contact information, hours of operation, and product information on a website. For example, a restaurant probably wants to display their Menu, directions, reservation instructions, and some inviting pictures.

Our Basic Website includes an affordable professional 1 to 3 page website. It includes pictures, graphics, or documents, a listing on Google Maps or Apple maps, basic information, and a listing with a business directory. We normally also recommend a Facebook page that you can update that also links back to your web page. We include basic Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ). Your website should also display in a pleasing manner on Mobile Devices such as phones and tablets.



Our staff has the knowledge and experience to give you all the bells and whistles.

  • Videos
  • Graphics
  • Animation
  • Mobile Apps
  • Databases: Data Collection, Analytics
  • Dashboards
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Broadcast E-Mail
  • Online Advertising
  • Custom Coding

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

A critical part of how customers find you is how Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing locate and list your Website.

We help you identify unique keywords that potential customers will use to find products and businesses like yours. We help you build a strategy to stand out among your competitors using SEO.



If you have no competitors then just hanging your online shingle might be enough to attract customers. But if you are like most businesses, then your website should be part of an overall marketing campaign. We can help you learn to use online tools to reach more customers.

For example your Chamber of Commerce may offer online lists of local businesses and their websites. Sometimes infrequent e-mails to previous or existing customers is a great way to increase revenue. It is frequently easier to get more business from existing customers than to attract brand new customers.

There are many ways to use the Web to help you reach customers. We will be happy to help you explore and consider options


Some examples of a few websites we developed for customers


Helping Businesses Establish an Online Presence

Many businesses don't have the technical skills to build a website and establish an online presence. And they definitely don't have the money to build a fancy website. West Milford Web is your answer for professional website design without breaking the bank. Our goal is to help all businesses get listed at a reasonable price since people no longer use phone books. We do web design and website building, and we can create everything that you might need to be competitive in today's advanced technology market place. We are based right here in West Milford, New Jersey and strive to serve local businesses like ourselves. Our programmers have been coding for an average of over 17 years, so you can rest easy knowing that your website is in skilled, experienced hands.

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